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Falling a Silent Epidemic

  • One in three adults fall
  • Falls are the leading cause of injury related deaths and most common reason for ER visits in Seniors
Risk Factors
  • Poor Eyesight
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Lack of exercise  
  • Balance Issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Difficulty walking
  • Osteoporosis       
  • Arthritis
  • Weakness
  • Illness
  • Parkinson's          
  • Dementia
  • Depression          
  • Recent fall     
  • Medications-change in dosage
  • Side effects and drug interactions
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Know your loved one is cared for and not alone. They have the opportunity to do the things they enjoy with our caregiver. When you come for a visit, your time can be quality time.
Our caregiver is there for your loved one. You can relax knowing the caregiver will keep your loved one clean and dry.   

Falls are associated with broken bones, often a hip. Most falls happen in the bathroom such as the injuries that occur getting in and out of the bath tub. Our caregivers reduce the chance of a fall by being there to assist with bathing, personal hygiene and toileting needs.

Even when bedbound you can rest assured you loved one will be comfortable and clean.
One of the most fundamental needs can also be a tremendous source of worry. Is there food in the house? Is it fresh and ok to eat? Well balanced meals are vital to remaining healthy. Our caregivers can prepare healthy and delicious meals.
Shopping and errands can be difficult. Running errands can be a thing of the past; our caregivers will run the errands for you.
Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, making the bed, changing the linens, doing loads of wash, folding cloths. Our caregivers can keep the house clean and comfortable.
FOR YOUR CARE driver’s have good driving records and full insurance. They can even drive the client’s car many clients prefer with your permission and under your insurance.  

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  • All levels of in-home, non-medical care
  • We accept Hospice Clients
  • Services available by the hour with a 4 hour minimum, day, or live in.
  • Caregivers have a full background check, reference check, random drug screening, are trained, bonded and insured.
  • Owners answer the phones.
Get your loved one the care they need and give yourself the break you need.
  • Services available hourly
  • Hourly, 4 hour minimum required
  • Overnight care
  • 24 hour care
  • Live-in care