Who We Are

Why we started For Your Care...

We know what you are going through after experiencing our own family crisis…. In fact we began FOR YOUR CARE in Betsy's mother’s honor. In 2000, Betsy Cuneo, retired as a registered nurse, and one week later started FOR YOUR CARE after going through a crisis with her own Mother who was living alone and independently in a small town for over 45 years.


Betsy began to get calls from her mother’s neighbors saying "What are you going to do about your mother?" This was the first sign that her mother needed help. It was also the beginning of a long painful journey for her mother and the family.

Liz Sands, For Your Care In-Home Care

For Your Care's Owner, Liz Sands (left), with her mother, and founder of For Your Care, Betsy Cuneo (right).  

For Your Care was born out of the same questions that you're likely asking yourself today...

Who do you turn to for help? Where do you start?

Betsy tried to find assistance for her Mother. But living in a small town, in Coolidge Arizona, help was hard to find so Betsy decided to move her mother to Albuquerque, close to family and into a semi-independent living facility, where she could get the help she needed.

The move itself was a terrible ordeal for everyone. It uprooted Betsy’s Mother from her church, her friends, her neighbors and the life she enjoyed. The estate sale was especially painful. They had her possessions out on tables for sale. She did not understand what was going on and kept trying to bring her belongings back into the house. The move was devastating. Her mother became more confused and her health declined. Not realizing that she had nothing to return to, she spent the rest of her life begging to go home.


For Your Care's Founder Betsy's mother at age 16.

These painful experiences led Betsy to create a solution.

In honor of her Mother, Betsy created For Your Care In-Home Care. It was her desire to give others the ability to continue to live in their own homes with dignity. It is this dignity and quality of life she wishes she could have given her own Mother.

Meet Liz Sands

Liz Sands

For Your Care's Owner, Liz Sands.

Liz Sands was born and raised in Albuquerque. She started in the Healthcare industry in 1989 after graduating from the University of New Mexico School of Business. She poured herself into her work. In 2006, Liz followed in her Mother’s footsteps at For Your Care In-Home Care.

To this day, it feels so nice to go from a huge corporation to a family owned company. It is a pleasure to help provide care to seniors in my Grandmother’s honor. Over the years we have also provided care for my Mother and her husband, enabling them both to continue to live at home in their final days.

Not only do we provide great care, we feel it is important to give back to the community by giving talks on how to prevent falling in the elderly. Falling has been called a silent epidemic and is a frequent cause of death in seniors. The talks on falling is a subject near and dear to my heart since both of my parents have fallen and hurt themselves.

Liz was the New Mexico Chapter President of the Home Care Association of America for two years and on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Branch of the Case Management Society of America for two years.

Today, Liz and her husband Bill run For Your Care In-Home Care. They both are very hands on and available to their clients 24 hours a day. Their clients know that they are totally invested in offering that personal touch. You will never get an answering service, they always answer the phone.